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Customer's Comments

Unlike so many others associated with Living History, you actually produce super authentic items and satisfy customer’s requests in a timely manner. I’ve been absolutely delighted with everything you’ve ever done or made for me.” Mike C.-New York

“I have been and am now the proud owner of several Clay Smith’s guns and have nothing but high praise for his workmanship. The quality of the fit and finish, historic accuracy and the shooting ability are unsurpassed. They shoulder as if they are part of your anatomy.” Dave M.-Virginia


"Thank you for a lovely knife which will remind me of the Williamsburg craftsmen I knew and the ones I still know today." George M.-Illinois

"I wanted to thank you for your hard work and beautiful craftsmanship. The gun is a fantastic showpiece that is a welcome addition to our home." Jerry B.-Kentucky


"Rifle came yesterday afternoon! WOW. It was well worth the wait, I knew you were a good craftsman by your reputation but I did not know you were this good! I can not wait to zero it in and fire it and show it off at the range." John A.-New York

"The rifle arrived and it is fantastic. I have never seen one to rival it. Your artistry is awe-inspiring...I feel really lucky to have acquired this gun." Jeff H.-Louisiana


"In my opinion, this is the finest set of dueling pistols made in America in recent history." Ed Rayl-West Virginia


"Musket just arrived. Think it is the most beautiful thing that I own. Great job. Thanks." Steve M.-California

"The gun arrived yesterday and it's excellent! It feels much lighter in the hand than I expected and it's very well balanced. I won't get a chance to shoot it for a little bit, but I look forward to trying it out for the first time, I know it will be an excellent shooter! Thank you very much for an excellent gun that I'm proud to own." Eli D.-Vermont

"Got home last night to find a very long box on the front porch.  Being a trained and experienced law enforcement officer I was able to deduce that a rifle was most probably inside the package.  You had said "It turned out nice".  That is an understatement.  What I got is a very fine rifle indeed.  Everything I asked for and as much as I could have hoped for.  I am really impressed  with the inletting.  The curl on the wood is especially fine.  My only regret is that it will be the week end before I can shoot it. Thank you very much it has been a pleasure doing business with you.  I hope we can do further projects in the future." Larry Z.-Oklahoma


"Today the 3 damascus hunting knives arrived in good order. I'm impressed beyond my expectations;  the best workmanship I've seen in a long time.  As good a quality as a modern Bo Randall  blade ... at 1/2  the  price. Terrific customer service TOO. Best regards."- J. Reeves- Louisiana


Another satisfied customer.

(Damn sun in my eyes!)

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Ми молимося за вас.

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Clay Smith
Master Gunsmith

Gunsmith of the Past, in the Present, building for the Future


Returned Checks and Charge backs:
Our policy is simple; there is a $25 fee for a returned check or chargeback.

7% Va. state tax will be added to any in-state orders or items picked up within the state.

Due to processing fees all orders over $500 that are paid with a credit card will incur a 3% 'non-cash' fee.

Personal checks, money orders and cash are always welcome.


Please keep in mind that I work from home and do not have a storefront.


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If you visit my site often, hit your F5 key to refresh the pages and get the latest updates.




Always looking for consignment guns!


Got a gun collecting dust in the closet?


 Now is the time to sell.

Matchlocks, wheel locks, flintlock, percussion, military or civilian weapons. Let me know what you have and I'll help you sell it.


Click here to get the consignment form and listing details.





Grumpy Gunsmith of Williamsburg



Check them out by clicking here.






I have people looking for guns and gun parts.


If you have some guns or gun parts laying around please consider consigning them with me. My inventory is low but the demand is high. Now is the time to part with those dusty pieces in the corner!



Click here to get the consignment form and listing details.




Pistol Stock Seconds

When running stocks, there are always a few that just don't make it as first quality for various reasons. They are all usable and most of the flaws will not be seen when finished. These are sold at discounted prices. Grab one quick as these generally don't last long!

Click here to see what I have.




Extra Long Pin Punch


Due to demand I made a few extra long 1/16" pin punches. These have a 3" long tempered steel drive pin and a 2½" long brass handle.

$10 each





Just Listed:

Click on the image for more info.



American Pistol Kit

.50 or .54 swamped 10" Rice barrels

Curly maple or walnut stock

Click here for latest updates.

Delivery time is about 2-3 weeks now.

All backorders are caught up.



Trade Gun barrels are running out!


These are 48" Rice barrels with breech plug installed cut to my pattern. Available in 20 or 24 gauge. I will be using these on most of the trade gun kits now.


If you were wanting one of the kits, now is the time to order. Limited supply.


Click here to see the kits available.


Due to the supply chain and foundry problems, some parts are getting scarce. I have more Davis and Chamber's locks on backorder which may take 2-3 months to receive. If you are interested in one of my kits, please contact me to make sure I have all parts in stock.




Stay tuned for more listings!










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It will be difficult.



Ever had one of those days?




Thought for the week:

Whoever came up with the phrase "I'm keeping my head above water" didn't know how deep that water really was.




This is America. I should not have to "press 1 for English" much less "press 3 for Arabic"!!





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