Fusil de Chasse

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French trade guns came in various grades and styles. This is one of the cheapest and more common grades that was sent to America and other French colonies. Fusil de Chasse means 'gun for hunting'.  All of the originals I have seen were stocked in a light colored hardwood including beech and maple and stained. Large quantities of wood were exported to Europe from America during the 18th century since good hardwoods were becoming scarce in Europe. To be more correct, this gun should be stocked in plain beech or maple but walnut is available as well. Available with a 41" oct-round barrel in 24 or 20 gauge.

The gun pictured below is stocked in walnut with iron mounts. It has also been aged slightly. Iron mounted originals were left with a bright polish, this one has been browned at the customer's request. A sling was also added which was not commonly found on originals.


Length of pull is about 13" and weight is about 6 lbs.



Add $200 for browned steel parts.

Add $150 for walnut stock.


Basic gun $2950

Price as shown $3300






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